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Happy Friday guys, am here totally feeling like an eminado mehn! “AFRICAN BARBIE” in my Ankara ball dress with a strap I can interchange 3 different ways! big shout out to @mummysamuelclothings  for my sweet Ball dress.                    I hope you love it , and  this is me wishing you a very sweet weekend ahead. kisses!














178 thoughts on “ANKARA BALL DRESS

    1. I am not a tailor bella, so I cant possibly describe to you how the was made, except you want to read lies, the fabric is an Ankara fabric from a daviva store, the style my creativity.sometimes hunay not all dresses comes with a story.*big grin*

  1. @queenb.n its really going to look fabulous on her, i just can visualise it. pleaseeee make this come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @queenb.n…….this dress looks so sweet and i am so sure Queen will look dazzling and amazing in this dress. i am so eager to see her wear it!!!

  3. Hello Ronke, my IG handle is @spiceeamiee. I really want to win this dress although I may not as I don’t have lots of friends that would comment for me. I am currently pregnant and I don’t have clothes anymore as most of my clothes are no longer my size and buying new clothes is not feasible as I still have about 4months to go and may still add additional weight. Besides, the economy is very friendly right now and we are most focused on meeting baby needs first so maternity clothes are not a priority right now. If you have something else like this that would fit a size 12, I will gladly take it. Thank you.

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