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DENIM? Never goes out of Style!

there is this feeling I get when the weekend is approaching, although I still get to work on some weekends but knowing I can freestyle with my outfit makes it really worth looking out for. now, doing it in an all Denim looks makes it totally comfortable, I have reviewed a few denim looks  in the previous year but then its “DENIM” it has come to stay it can never go out of fashion! (LOL) and I hope to do more this year!


The excitement isn’t just about the fact that FRIDAY is here ,my wig from @khairmax (IG) is also one of the best thing that has happened to me this January! the texture is so soft very easy to brush ,curl or straighten you know? its a must have guys honestly. then comes the choker,(hhahahahhahahah) let me laugh at myself for a minute I never for once thought I will join the choker trend but @glarefashions(IG) made me do it and it so not a bad try at all, the accessory came handy and definitely spiced up the entire look.


I know you love my denim booties as much as I do, (hahahahhah) I am not lying, honestly  the first time I slipped my feet into this booties I was emotional(hahahahahahah) a little teary honestly ,because I can remember I disturbed @shoelastique about this new babies of mine late last year ,so when it finally came chai! it was love at first sight and the denim feels so soft and easy on the skin,without generating unnecessary heat! trust me I will be wearing this a lot more this year(hahahahahhaha)when you decide to get yours,make sure you get from from @shoelastique I trust their originality.


FRAMES: from @angelsunnies also giving me the blue feel.


I will leave you to judge which look you prefer with the belt or without!

photography: @yaoalasi

11 thoughts on “DENIM? Never goes out of Style!

  1. I really tried not to say something…I was gonna pass, but girl! You nailed it! You nailed me too😫 Nice one. I love everything esp the boots

  2. With the belt, its ghen ghen, without the belt its still ghen ghen the two can pass always…The magic still remains…Much love

  3. I prefer without the belt. Though you slayed in both.. the slayer herself.. kudos to you and more inspirations to keep inspiring us.

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