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Oh you thought this was all in the previous post? No way! Common… so much MAE had to do with the six yards of fabric given to her. Imagine, she also synthesised another outfit; a skirt suit and y’all will agree with me that it’s definitely isn’t a bad idea at all 😊 I hope…


When it comes to blazers/suit, honestly I give it to my friend and designer @MAE_OTTI. I called Mae up and told her I will be needing a blazer and pant in African print as a lover of African print and Mae Otti DELIVERED! So this week, I will be showing you what Mae did with…

Looking Chic!

What can I say? I have been MIA for quite some days 😊 I did miss you all, so I decided to do something different from the usual! It’s Friday and I decided to inspire us with this “CHIC” outfit, paired with a hat adding a vintage feel, and a double breasted blazer (unbuttoned), a…

Leopard Maxi Print Dress

Today I decided to go casual in my leopard print dress! Let me lend you a trick. If you want to hide excess fat or contours on the body, wear prints, prints have a way of taking away attention from the imperfection with our body size and trust me, Leopard prints are not left out….

More Off Shoulder Goodness

Dear ladies, this is another another off shoulder variant from yours truly. Guess what, it’s still just N3,500 only! Hurry now and place your order via instagram @therealrhonkefella.

Affordable Cold Shoulder Blouse

We are in the seasons of off/cold shoulder blouses and dress , it’s trendy and really comfortable, you can get this one as seen on me Β for just N3,500. Gorgeous on a budget. Awesome!!!  

A Striped Monday

In your wardrobe, stripes are a must have. I am a lover of stripes, it just has a way of making you stand out when you wear them. And that’s me looking like “TOMTOM” in stripes πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. Do Have a blessed week guys. .Β 

African Printimatics

Let’s do some mathematics πŸ˜‚. The constant variable on this fabric is = colour yellow, we have yellow on both prints! The design on one fabric is loud while the other is silent. Those are the factors you check out for when mixing your Ankara prints so you don’t look like ojujuπŸ˜‚ Happy New Month…