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Doing It Leathery Right

18 thoughts on “Doing It Leathery Right

  1. your outfit is lovely, our local tailor are baddest. that island market stores everything if one knows the name of material to buy. keep up the good work, i dnt knw names of material but with you i’m covered, osheey

  2. Your creativity is so inspiring!!! Thumbs up gal! You rock, keep inspiring fashion lovers😍😍😍

  3. Lovely outfit. Love how you put creativity to work and how you tell the truth about the worth of your clothes, if its expensive you don’t brag about it and if its less expensive you let us know and how to get it. Then @mummysamuelclothings has also gone far cos of your constant advert since get go. Well done and keep slaying.

    1. thank you so much Beauty Darling,am so humbled by such sweet words,thanks for the Support too May GOD reward you handsomely (AMEN)

    1. at chinonso am sorry I cant help,inexpensive isn’t the goal,quality is I only know tailors who will give u a run for your money

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