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Monotone #TBT

Let’s throw back to this all white ensemble, I am a big fan of monotone. So many people do not understand the term “MONOTONE” in fashion: it’s an act of you wearing one colour all through! When I wear all white people love it, when it’s all black it acceptable but when it’s all blue or all pink u hear them say too bluish, too “pinkinsh” 😂😂 You wonder what happens to too blackish or whitish? It’s just shows that when people are use to something they see it as norm and it’s hard for them to accept change! Anyways, white anyday anytime is one Colour that gives you this Divine look and it does leave you effortlessly classy! You should try this.

image1                                          image2

3 thoughts on “Monotone #TBT

  1. Yes you are so right. Cannot forget the all white Danshiki ensemble you styled me with to attend a wedding, I was feeling so fly…. Oh did I forget the Pink idea you also inspired me to rock to a wedding? They were so on point. Thanks baby.. Rhonkefella is here to stay….

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