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How much LOVE?

Once upon a time, I met a man I loved him endlessly, I was ready to give it all up, I was ready to change everything including my last name. I made sacrifices to prove my love, I jumped, squatted, ran yet I wasn’t seen the only thing I didn’t remember doing was fly! Guess what? All I did was never enough😊. Rather he saw my weaknesses. I prayed, fasted, weeped, hoped yet 😀 nothing happened! Yes this was me, so wat happened? I lost self confidence, I thought I wasn’t pretty enough, I was broken, I thought I couldn’t do it all infact I lost connection with my God, I thought he didn’t love me enough, maybe he shouldnt have given me a heart! This was yesterday yes yesterday πŸ˜€ and today take a good look at me I can’t give myself up for ANYONE, am pursuing my dreams am not there yet but am hopeful. I am basking in the glory of the Lord. I reconnected with my Heavenly Father and now I am at peace. If tonight I am not sleeping, it’s not because of a man its because I am thinking of how to stay relevant, how to be more creative, how to inspire and affect my environment one step at a time😊. Is there anyone of you who is the “ME”of yesterday? You will be fine just know that you can’t force love and no fasting and praying can make it work. God created MAN (woman) and made us a mini god, he gave us something called “CHOICE” so he doesn’t interfere with our choices specially when we don’t seek him right! My darlings, just move on you will be fine, don’t fight over a MAN, its not worth it: QUEENS don’t epecially when he isn’t your husband and a real man won’t put you in such a position, move onπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

7 thoughts on “How much LOVE?

  1. U just left me crying and soaking my pillows with tears not becos of my mistakes but cos of the time I wasted trying to fix the mistake. Thanks ronky ronky.

  2. Ure so so right. Most times, we feel we have done so many things that another party must not even hear of. We have sacrificed alot nd all that… But the best part abt the experience is that u learn to be independent nd also self reliant.

  3. Wow…this ur post just reminded me of my old self… D only thing left for me to prove my love for d idiot was to kill myself,I gave up my dream,great Opportunity cos I was lost in love and was scared of what people wud say cos he gave me a cheap ring…glad I found myself never knew my worth until d day I said over

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