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Basic Colourification

So I made a casual dress from this colourful Ankara print, paired with sneakers and a teal green bag the face cap just fit                                        Print: Daviva                     …

Polka Dots / Stripes

Match your POLKADOT with a pair of skirt or pants in colour blue, red, yellow, or green and you will be amazed on how well it fits in.   Skirt by:poshrawyaltyboutique Office Inspiration One can barely go wrong with stripes.  It gives a bubbly appearance just by noticing it on the fabric.   Dress:by @dtboutique


Aside the fact that colbalt blue suits my skin tone to perfection, a monotone look is one that I love dearly, usually we are familiar with either an all white, or an all black dressing! And so I decided to give creativity a chance by doing it all blue in this outfit! Bear in mind…

Ankara X Lace Premix

Ankara and lace always have a nice combination if paired properly, adding lace fabrics to your Ankara helps give more class and uniqueness. You can see it as a way of showing off how creative you can be. Outfit by: @mummysamuelclothings Photographed by @imagefaculty

Love Don’t Care

As an african child born of African parents I for one have experienced the sentiment our parent can bring up when it comes to the issue of choosing a spouse! I am one person who appreciate and regard parents a lot you know they did so much to bring us up so I can never…

Till Death Do Them Part?

I wouldn’t wanna settle with a man who still lives with his mum especially if he clings to her apron, no woman needs such but flirting with someone’s husband wouldn’t make us better or wiser! Nobody cares to know what went wrong or the circumstances that led to it! What is wrong is wrong and…


In real life I am not friends with everybody, I pick my friends I don’t let them pick me, some people wanna be friends with benefits, I don’t have that time to waste, I keep very little circle. I roll will people who are straight and have no reason to keep lying to me about…