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The New Type of Side Chic

I have been there, done that and gotten hurt.  When I say go where the love is, some of you wouldn't understand but I do. Look,  your self esteem is very important, if it has been tampered with, there is little to what you will be able to achieve in life so don't let anyone play you. We don't plan this, it just happens and I won't blame you not at all but if you find yourself in this situation, just quit.  You deserve much more. Jesus did not die on the cross so that you can become a side chic. God didn't create you or make  a side chick, second fiddle, second option Mbannu! Don't believe in that saying that says you either struggle for a man or snatch him. According to your thought an abundance of heart so be it, if you believe in that ngwannu keep struggling but if you know you have great potentials if you know you are willing to be a better woman, if you know just like Eve you were created from a man's ribs and soon u will find him. Dear sisters, take my hand🖐🏽rise with me and let's begin the journey of self development, actualization, empowerment and being better women! "Go where the love is" and when you do make sure YOU are the NO 1, don't listen to Bobo juice, big big talk🙅🏼it's enough.

17 thoughts on “The New Type of Side Chic

  1. Jesus did not die on the cross for you to be a side chick…..that phrase though lol…. Being a side chic is a real battle that many fight to overcome.

  2. @Baby girl i cut my cap 4 u Gods wisdom will never depart from you do you know what sometimes i learn from you the lord is you’r strength

  3. Arrrgghh…side chic/mistresses problems…its so difficult.. you never intend for it to happen,you just wake up one morning to see you’ve stooped so low to let yourself be someone’s option,agree to stupid terms and conditions!…the more the hurt,the more you think you are ‘in-love’ with them…Do not be a victim!..Stand up,dust your ass and Walk!..Just so you know,God wants only the best for us and the ‘besterest’ things are yet to come…I’ve stalked Aunty Rhonke too much.. i’m beginning to sound like her!

  4. True talk but sometimes it’s really hard to let go and u keep thinking the person will eventually be urs

    1. Dear Imelda,men only fight for what they want if a man isn’t fighting to keep you stand up nd leave expect u haven’t actualize your inner potential but if you are sure of how great and lovable u are and can be why not give it to someone who will appreciate it? my opinion tho!

  5. ” men only fight for what they want. If a man isn’t fighting to keep you, stand up and leave except you haven’t actualize your inner potential”. I wish I can ring this louder to the ears of todays woman. Been with such a man can quickly eat up a girls self confidence. Ma’am you are just so real. God bless you

  6. I’ve been a side chick before and I can honestly say it’s hard to let go, especially when the man says he loves you so much and feeds you the lies you want to hear. He will not leave the other woman for you and if he does you need to have a rethink because he would do the same to you. Know your worth and move on. Know you never want to be any man’s second best thing. Be strong! Pray for God’s guidance.

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