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Recycle 101

How well do you recycle your outfit? If you notice, I am a lover of stripes , I am a lover of drama somtimes and stripes give me the little drama I yearn for without having to do too much. I made this DANSHIKI with my stripes material in picture1 and then decided to wear only my DANSHIKI top as a dress mixed with a blue ankara head wrap and heels to match! Don't you just love the creativity that comes with Recycling your clothes? Learn to repeat your clothes it helps your level of creativity in fashion. Call me the RECYCLEQUEEN 👌🏽.  

So I decided to go casual today. I recycled my buba again with my skirt and just slipped into my sandals jeje for comfy pleasures, yes I made a crop top out of my buba just to add a little bit of flair to the outfit and wore my ankara bag 😆😆. Fashion got me playing creative, I don't know about you! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.  

Ankara bag: heseydesigns.

Glasses : retrosunglasses

10 thoughts on “Recycle 101

  1. I love love your work…. And il like to purchase the monochrome material u used at the top… Pls where can I get it

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