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Love Don’t Care

As an african child born of African parents I for one have experienced the sentiment our parent can bring up when it comes to the issue of choosing a spouse! I am one person who appreciate and regard parents a lot you know they did so much to bring us up so I can never deny them the Hapiness or joy of being part of our future! Is it me? Or do our parents really do not understand that “LOVE DONT CARE?

When it comes to inter tribal marriages, most parent frown at it in their words they will tell you “shut up wat do u know about love? Why Igbo didn’t you see a Yoruba man”? Some be like ha! Teacher 😳 Ronke you want to marry teacher? Engineerr nko? Friends will be like how old is he? 20 yrs older? Ha! he is too old am sure you’re marrying for his money! Or they be like, he is too young o! U guys are age mate why don’t you settle with someone much older and more matured” ( in their words) he will understand you better😊”😪whew!

Then they say ha! Love is not enough oooo! “Infact you don’t need to love him to marry him once you marry him the love will grow”🙆🏽 most of this ideologies I hear from adult and youth without mincing words….I beg to disagree today ! but I respect this opinions because I understand that these ideologies where propounded due to different human experiences which are based on fact! But today I choose to believe TRUE LOVE” conquers all. 

Life has taught me that there are no rules on how to do anything, if you create your own principles you believe in it and work towards it it will work for you specially if your principles aren’t made on frivolous ground😊.  They said a Christian shouldn’t marry a Muslim because we shouldn’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers😊 but there is no guarantee that when a Christian marries another Christian they won’t end up with a divorce😊.

They say if u marry an older man you marry for money but there is no guarantee that marrying a younger man is truly based on “TRUE LOVE”,  they say to me if you marry your age mate he will be too immature to handle you and marriage but then I see a man 7yrs older than his wife beat her to death😊 what happened to maturity? They say ure too pretty to marry a teacher don’t settle for less marry an engineer!

Wow I didn’t know there was a price for beauty😊 when u marry a man who is not wealthy but has integrity society thinks you settled for less😆; money over integrity pleaes spare me! they said to me “oh Ronke ha! U must have a society wedding ooo ha ur wedding must be talk of the town” and I look around and I realize having a big wedding is not a guarantee of having a blissful marriage. I could go on and on but like I said “True Love don’t care”…age , status, colour, race, wealth, “TRUE LOVE” has nuffin to do with this. If you find a man and u find a common ground of love, understanding, compatibility and you share a great bond! Age, money, Tribe, race don’t matter! Just do what makes you happy and do not bother to convince the society just go on and be happy!

10 thoughts on “Love Don’t Care

  1. Tru talk, buh wat happens wen ur totally comfortable around someone buh u don’t know if u lv dz person buh yet ur afraid to loose him/her… Do u call dt love?

    1. hello bella ‘,,when you are in love its a different ball game it far beyond being comfortable with the person, ask yourself can u sacrifice so much or everything just to see the person smile ?if yes, then you can call it love…. when u give yourself in totality without a price tag on it then u can call it love. it has to be unconditional before it is called “‘TRUE LOVE”

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