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Till Death Do Them Part?

I wouldn’t wanna settle with a man who still lives with his mum especially if he clings to her apron, no woman needs such but flirting with someone’s husband wouldn’t make us better or wiser! Nobody cares to know what went wrong or the circumstances that led to it! What is wrong is wrong and as long as God has kept us alive and we learn daily we should choose to do what is right.

Everybody has a past but how to know when you mature is when you don’t do what you did when u were 19 at 25! Now this post is for all young ladies including ME🙋….I’m not talking about divorcees or widowers they have a right to love again and marry again if they choose to but a man who has a wife at home… but then again most young ladies who are born into polygamous homes might not agree with me.

I am aware some other religion accept it but if your religion does not, I say it is WRONG. I always say EXPERIENCE differs it’s ok to disagree it’s not a debate neither I throwing shades. I am just not afraid to speak the truth when I see one! Some of us might not just know it’s not right and a lot of women wouldn’t speak about it maybe because of their past but I am different my past doesn’t determine my present and doesn’t define my future. I won’t wait till I’m married before I speak the truth if I do that is when u can call me a HYPOCRITE ✌️✌️I know some of you might think and say blame the men, they keep coming after us….My sister must it be you?

You can say NO and mean it. This post isn’t about the men who come after young gals it neither about the women who neglect their husband and push dem out I am aware, don’t educate me on that, my business today is that I don’t just want a younger generation or a younger girl child to agree to be a refuse dump for any reason at all ( no excuses) or an alternative to a married man! They should be a better version of me and a lot of us out there….If your religion doesn’t support it is WRONG✌️❤️❤️❤️

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