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31 thoughts on “Ombre Lips

  1. This is so nice rhonkefella, you made your lips so pronounced that I watched it the second time….it’s very nice…keep the good work going😊😊😊

  2. I even had to download the video.. amazeballs!!! Ehrn! Please you didn’t say the colour of the lip pencil.. thanks love! *kizzez!

  3. All my years of watching you tube videos, nobody has done this the way I get, I don turn pro now, thanks Ronke, do other tutorials Biko, u are officially my best

  4. Wow…very nice nd detailed ombre lip tutorial,I totally love πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
    Kindly tell us wht u use on ur SKIN nd face too ….keep up d good wrk,God bless u

  5. Ronke, the video is nice,but what colour of pencil can a dark person use, cos my lip is reli dark and i want to achieve this look too,thank you and thank you too for replying my whatapp mssg reli appreciate

    1. hy oyepeju,thank you too for stopping by. an ombre lips can only be achieved with one dark nd one bright colour of a lipstain even if ure using two bright colours one has to be darker than one so we can appreciate how well both colours are,if purple is too dark for you try maroone,brown, red colour for the lipliner/lipstain then u can use a pink,peach or nude on top of it.

  6. Love the tutorial. Learnt a lot. I only wished u had that the image compact mirror hadn’t blocked the view for more precise grasp of every second of Ur application and blending.

  7. Am kinda gud wit da ombre lips, da only issue i usually hve is not knowing the right colors to combine plus the lining isnt alwax as perfect as urs…but this tutorial just helped solve dat problem. Just tried it nd am Feeling like a pro! Tnx rhonkefella,u inspire me!
    Looking forward to more tutorials. .especially contouring, nd hw u achieve those perfect eyes with the eye shadow nd liner.
    Have I mentioned I’l luv to be ur student…praying earnestly for a RHONKEFELLA STUDIO or at least I make-up class were I can learn directly 4rm u and interact in person.
    U re always in my prayers!
    SLAY ON !! #TeamSlayonceAlldayEveryDay#

    1. God bless you Katherine,am so pleased to hear from u, am glad to know u put me in your prayers,oh my sister I need it. may God answer our prayers ooo! Amen about the makeup class I am so working on it by the grace of God it will be happening very soon. just keep ur fingers crossed and I promise it will be nothing short of amazing, it will be an atmosphere of learning,sharing and bonding….. thanks and God bless

  8. Wow I love this tutorial. It has really helped me. Please, can I know the name of the lipstain/lipstick you used. Thank you and God bless

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