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Aderonke is a fun loving MUA for Rhonkefella Makeover. I like the little things about life that annoys other people. Friendship, love, kindness, humility, humanity and most especially GOD and family. Fashion and style is my area of keen interest. I am here to show the world that a lot can be achieved together. Let's say we and yes I said we, are going to teach ourselves how to slay one outfit at a time,Β 

One candle lighting another does not lose it's light, so lets help us grow. Feel free to comment on my blog, advises, reviews, comments and every other thing is welcomed. Watch out for the Recycle posts, they are my favourites yet. So ladies, explore the blog and let's win together.Β 

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Why is it Ladies and sisters.. Is the blog only meant for ladies. A bit jealous tho… God Bless the work of your hands.. Amen. keep shinning.. Obviously the first official guy to visit the blog… Olatomide!!!!

    1. awwwwwww thank you so much OLATOMIDE for visiting,the blog isn’t for females only soon we will be having MEN featuring and keep you inspired tooo*much love BRO*

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